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I am trying to write the steps from TD test database (Access) to a
file. tddb_get_step_value is supposed to do this, I guess. I run the
following code from TD7.2 and it passes and creates the readme.txt
file, but it is empty. There are steps (and descriptions) in the
table but they are not written into the file. What is odd is that if
I run the same script using "tddb_get_test_value" the name the test
is written to the readme file as it should be. tddb_get_step_value
does take an optional argument for the path, but should default to
the current test. I am running the script from TD as an automated
test. I also have test steps in the design steps tab.(TD7.2). My
assumption is that these are the steps that the function should read
from the Access DB.

i = 1;
while (i < 10){
Var1 = tddb_get_step_value("DS_DESCRIPTION",1);
file_printf ("C:\\test\\readme.txt","%s",Var1);

If anyone has used these functions or is familiar with them your
input woud be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave