I am performing an evaluation of 3 products for my company to ascertain their ability to test our software. These are SilkTest, WinRunner and QARun. Thus far we have only evaluated SilkTest. The particular question (and I'm aware it's a common one) is how to inform the scripting language of non-standard controls (such as a grid) and the information that can be accessed from it. We achieved this for SilkTest by writing a DLL which acted as a mediator between 4Test (SilkTest's scripting language) and our application. This DLL was aware of certain classes within our application which were exported expressly for this purpose, and thus could use the public interface on these classes. My question, therefore, is how this can be achieved with respect to WinRunner. I have read the WinRunner Customisation Guide, and seen functions such as add_cust_record_class which appears to register functions exported from a DLL, but so far am unclear how to complete this connection. I am also aware of the virtual table support, but for our purposes this is not rigorous enough, because it is based on fixed column widths, etc. What we really need to provide to the scripting language is a simple interface whereby for a particular grid, the script can query the number of columns, rows and retrieve the contents of a particular cell as a string.

The AUT itself is developed under Visual Studio 6.0 using MFC and uses the standard Document/View architecture in an MDI environment.

BTW, please forgive me if I go off-topic for a moment, but I would just like to thanks wooks and QAGirl for leaving the benefits of their experience in the form of discussions. Their comments have often been very useful and informative.