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    What do the number 1,2,3 indicate for the different parameters in this file.


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    Re: ddt_func.ini

    They indicate the parameter that is going to be changed by the ddt_val instruction.

    For example, if you have in your script the next instruction:

    In the ddt_func.ini you can find:

    So, if you use the DataDriver Wizard Tool, then WinRunner is going to change that instruction by this one:
    list_check_info("list","enabled",ddt_val("table"," field"));

    As you see the changed parameter was the third, because the function list_check_info is equal to 3 in the ddt_func.ini.

    For example the list_check_selected function is equal to 2, so its changed parameter is going to be the second.

    Although, you can change this in the DataDriver Wizard Tool, this 1,2,3 values are the default that WinRunner is going to use at making substitutions in the DataDriven Tests.

    I hope it helps you...


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    Re: ddt_func.ini

    Thanks.. one more question if I don't want to parameterize all the list_select_item statements in a script during DataDriver wizard then Should I remove "list_select_item" from ddt_func.ini file or any value to be set. I tried setting this value to zero. Still it is showing up in Data Driver wizard.


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    Re: ddt_func.ini

    I think that if you choose the "Do Not Replace this Data" option in the DataDriven Wizard, so WinRunner won't change that specific instruction.


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    Re: ddt_func.ini

    For example if we have 50 list_select_item statements in a script & if we don't want to parametrize these statements then we need to select 50 times "Do Not Replace this Data" option in Data Driver Wizard. What I found is if we remove "list_select_item" from ddt_func.ini file the Data Driver wizard skips all the "list_select_item" statements. Is that correct way? or any value to set for the "list_select_item" in ddt_func.ini file


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    Re: ddt_func.ini

    I think that is an excellent choice...


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    Re: ddt_func.ini

    I think you should put more effort into studying for your CPS exam.

    GUI automation is GUI automation. It is not testing.



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