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    Winrunner 7.5 is out

    User (rshrinet@chubb.com.nospam) posted:

    Hi All

    If any one of you know whether Winrunner 7.5 is released . If so then any
    distinct advantages as compared to Wirunner 7.0 .


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    Re: Winrunner 7.5 is out

    User Mehta, Megan (megan.mehta@citi.com.nospam) posted:


    This is new in TD 7.5 .....

    Megan Mehta

    New Site Administrator

    The new Web-based Site Administrator replaces the Project Administration and
    TestDirector Server Manager utilities. The Site Administrator contains the
    following six tabs:

    Projects tab -> manage your TestDirector projects. This includes adding new
    projects, querying data in a project, upgrading a project and activating or
    deactivating a project.
    Users tab: -> add a new user and define user properties including changing
    passwords. Note that users are now managed above a project - you define new
    users in the Site Administrator and can then allocate them to any number of
    projects from the Project Customization window.
    Connections tab -> monitor the users currently connected to a TestDirector
    Licenses tab -> view and modify the TestDirector license information.
    TD Servers tab -> modify TestDirector server information such as the log
    file and mail protocol.
    Site Config tab -> modify TestDirector configuration parameters.
    Version Control

    Version Control enables you to keep track of the changes you make to the
    testing information in your TestDirector project. For TestDirector 7.5, you
    can use your version control database for tracking manual and automated
    tests and attachments in the test plan tree and test grid. You can check
    tests in and out, display a history of versions and get a previous version
    of a test.

    Multiple Domain Management

    TestDirector projects are now grouped by domain. A domain contains a group
    of related TestDirector projects and assists you in organizing and managing
    a large number of projects. For example, you may wish to create a domain for
    business processes projects and another domain for IT development projects.

    Data Hiding Enhancements

    The following data hiding features are now available for TestDirector user

    Customizing Visible Fields You can select which fields in a module a user
    group can see and which should be hidden. This can help, for example, in
    simplifying the volume of data displayed. Users belonging to a specific user
    group only need to view data that relates to their work. Note that you can
    not hide required fields.
    Customizing Module Access

    You can control access to TestDirector by defining which user groups can
    view and use the FULL TestDirector client verses the Defect Manager module

    New System Test

    You can now add a system test to the test plan tree. A system test can do
    the following:

    Collect system information, such as workstation, memory, CPU, devices, etc.
    Capture an image of the desktop.
    Restart the computer. To add a system test, in the Create New Test dialog
    box, select SYSTEM-TEST and assign the test a name. Then define the system
    test in the Test Script tab.
    Operating System Information

    When you run a manual test, you can now view and edit operating system
    information. This includes the operating system name, service pack and build

    Optional TestDirector Disconnect

    You can now set the time interval in minutes that the TestDirector client
    can be inactive before it is disconnected from the TestDirector server.
    Disconnecting the client enables the license to be used by another
    TestDirector user.

    Script Runner

    You can now add a Script Runner test to the test plan tree. This enables you
    to create and generate your own VBScript test script.

    Send Mail Enhancements

    When you send mail using TestDirector, it now uses a new html look instead
    of the old text format. You can now also send requirements by e-mail.

    Common TestDirector Toolbar

    The new common TestDirector toolbar is accessible from all TestDirector
    modules and contains the following functionality:

    Navigation functions: Move forward, back or log out.
    Spelling functions: Spell check, run a thesaurus or change spelling
    Add defect function: Add a new defect to your TestDirector project at any
    Setup Workflow Enhancements

    The TestDirector 7.2 Setup Workflow feature is now extended in TestDirector
    7.5 to include two wizards. The wizards, or script generators, simplify the
    VBScript creation process, providing better capabilities and control for
    adding and tracking defects. The following enhancements are available in
    Setup Workflow:

    New Script Generator - List Customization dialog box: Enables you to set a
    different list of field values, depending on the input of another value.
    New Script Generator - Field Customization By User Group dialog box: Enables
    you to modify the appearance of the Add Defect and Defect Details dialog
    boxes, so that different fields appear for each user group.
    Improved Defects Script Editor: The user interface for viewing and manually
    enhancing your procedures has been improved and additional functions have
    been added.
    Requirements Manager Enhancements

    The following enhancements are available in the Requirements Manager module:

    New "Convert to Tests" wizard: You can use requirements as a basis for
    defining tests. TestDirector now automatically converts selected
    requirements to tests via a simple wizard.
    New History tab: You can now view a list of changes made to any requirement
    in the requirements tree.
    Test Plan Manager Enhancements

    The following enhancements are available in the Test Plan Manager:

    New Parameters option: To increase the flexibility and power of a manual
    test, you can now add parameters to a test and to the tests that call it.
    You can assign a value to a parameter during test planning. Note that if you
    do not assign a value, you are prompted to provide a value when you add the
    test to a test set and again when you start running the test. You can also
    edit parameter values for the next test run from the Test Run Properties
    dialog box.
    New Call to Test option: You can add a call to any manual test in your
    design steps. TestDirector inserts the call as a link.
    New Template Test option: You can now define a manual test in the test plan
    tree as a Template Test. Setting a test as a template test is used for
    filtering purposes only.
    New History tab: You can now view the changes made to a test in the Test
    Test Lab Manager Enhancements

    The following enhancements are available in the Test Lab Manager:

    New Test Set Properties tab: Includes an improved user interface for
    specifying test set details and adding attachments to a test set. Also
    includes two new features: sending test set e-mail notifications, and
    setting test set error handling rules.
    Resetting a Test Set: Resetting a test set changes the status of all the
    tests in the test set to "No Run". When resetting a test set, you can decide
    if you want TestDirector to also delete all the test run results.
    Purging Runs from a Test Set: You can use the Purge Runs wizard to delete
    old test run results in your project.
    Improved Scheduling features:

    New error handling capabilities. You can set on failure rules for a test set
    which instruct TestDirector what to do in the event that an automated test
    in the test set fails. This includes how many times the test should be rerun
    and the cleanup test that should be run before it is rerun. For any
    automated test in the test set, you can change the default on failure rules.

    You can now include manual tests in the Execution Flow tab. This enables you
    to create dependencies between manual tests and a combination of manual and
    automated tests.
    New e-mail notification capabilities. You can now instruct TestDirector to
    send an e-mail to a specified user if a specific event occurs. For example,
    if any test in the test set fails, if there is an environmental failure, or
    if the test set finishes.
    New menu options: Continue Manual Run, Reset Test Set, and Purge Runs.
    Multiple test instances: You can now add more than one instance of a test to
    a test set. This is useful, for example, if you wish to run the same test in
    a test set under different configurations. Improved Manual Run dialog box:
    The user interface for running manual tests has been improved.
    New Find and Replace commands: You can search and replace field values in
    the Execution Grid. User defined fields for test sets: You can now define
    additional fields for a test set. To add a user defined test set field, in
    the Customization window, click the Customize Project Entities link.
    Defects Manager Enhancements

    The following enhancements are available in the Defects Manager:

    Improved Send Mail UI.
    New "Find" dialog box: You can now search and replace field values in the
    Defects Grid.
    Reports and Analysis Enhancements

    The reports functions in each module have been improved. More standard
    report types are available, the user interface is richer in functionality,
    and the new format now enables you to customize more features.

    Collaboration (optional upgrade for TD 6.x and 7.x users)

    TestDirector now has a fifth tab, Collaboration, enabling you to perform two
    new levels of communication:

    Chat session: You can initiate an online chat session with another
    TestDirector user.
    Desktop sharing: While in a chat session, you can share a single application
    or your entire desktop with the user that you are collaborating with. They
    can view your applications on their computer and make changes.

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    Re: Winrunner 7.5 is out

    User Sudindar Rao (srao@modeln.com.nospam) posted:

    I got a mail from the customer service, she said it is out but they are
    still doing the Pkg. I am not sure what that means and she did not know when
    it is going to be released. Something does not add up here.......anybody ???

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    Re: Winrunner 7.5 is out

    User Mehta, Megan (megan.mehta@citi.com.nospam) posted:

    Enterprise TD is being released on may 13 for shipping to clients



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