I've been a WinRunner user for several years, and have recently moved to a new position, testing a new software product.

I'm encountering an annoying problem in which the vb_name tags sporadically disappear and reappear during different executions of the application.

To confirm my annoyance, I put together a script which opens the application, checks that 10 random objects exist (vs. the vb_names in the GUI map), and then closes the program. I can run this script 10 times in a loop and each time I get a different number of recognized object, rarely all 10. Using the GUI Spy, I find no vb_name in the unrecognized object, only the MSW_class.( The objects are recorded in the GUI map by object class and vb_name.)

I am using the VB AddIn on my app, and the problem is seem with WinRunner 6.02, 7.0, 7.01, you name it. I cannot use the 7.01 VB update, since it crashes the application.

I consider myself an advanced WinRunner user, but this is my first VB application... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.