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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me on this one? I'm trying to alter the value of
listbox which shows MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM. When you click on the arrow to
drop down, it brings up the calender for you to select the date. To
alter the time you need to manually change the values inside the
listbox yourself. (this is really non-standard MFC stuff...). The
problem is when I try to set the values (via WinRunner), it only sets
the date using calender_select_date - essentially it is a calender
list box with HH:MM attached to the end. Even when I change the
time, WinRunner doesn't record it, only recording what the date is.
If I get the value of the list (list_get_info), it only gives me the
Date (MM/DD/YYYY). I can grab everything shown using obj_get_text
and that will give me what's shown (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM) in a string
format. But how can I edit the time (HH:MM) using WinRunner??? Is
it possible??? I've tried using the edit_ functions but I can't use
them on the listbox.