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I would suggest that you take a look through the archives of this list to
view a variety of methods for dealing with this. The problem with using
regular expressions is that you will never be able to be sure that you are
acting on the correct window. Each one needs to be identified and dealt with
uniquely in order to accurately proceed with your test.

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From: "Gopalan, Sriram R. (CORP, Consultant)"
Subject: RE: [winrunner] How do I solve multiple browser instance confusio
n in WR?
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:07:33 -0500

Frank Best solution is to use regular expressions... THis will solve the

In the GUI Map file description follow the eg mentioned below:
label: "!Brower Main Window.*"

Or you can add the GUI file dynamically

GUI_add(GUI_File_Name,Window name,"","{class: window, label: \"!Browser Main

Get back to me if you have any queries