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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but its free ware and may work
for what you want to do.

SpellAll is the name of the program and it can preform spell check from
any window If you can copy the contents into a text file and then use this
tool to get all the suspicious word's

"Noga Paroz" <> on 03/07/2002 11:33:00 AM

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Subject: [winrunner] Run a speller on 'Help files' content

Hi all
I'm working with WinRunner 7.01.
I need to check the 'Help Files' of my application.
The main task is run a speller on it , and get the all the suspicious words
in array \ file ...
I have the Help content on the clipboard ( and can save it to a file ), but
I don't know how to perform such a check ( not using Microsoft Word ).
Thanks, Noga.