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Hi Len,

"I want to be able to recognize the window based only
on the text "Document Properties" and to ignore any
text in front of it. I cannot get the win_check_info
command to work." - Len.

Here, I feel you are trying to build your logic in a
wrong way. For recognising a window, you no need to
use win_check_info(). This should be used only if you
wanna check any of the properties of your window.

Have regexp_label as obligatory property in your GUI
Map. Use "!.*Document Properties.*" for it. I hope
this works for your to recognize your window. Then if
you wanna check any of the properties of this window,
use win_get_info().

Happy Programming. Enjoy.

With Regards,
The Police Dog.

--- Len Penella <> wrote: >

Hello Len,

Use, win_check_info(win, &quot;regexp_label&quot;,
win = the new logical name of the window, modified
expvalue = your desired value.

Function Generator by default puts the window name
the first parameter of the win_check_info() but
can change it very well to your new logical name
pasting it to your TSL Script.

If your window name is going to contain a
&quot;-&quot; followed

by &quot;Document Properties&quot;, ie., if the format
of your

window name is &quot;XXXXXXXX - Document
Properties&quot; then

you should use &quot;!.* - Document Properties&quot;.
that, Property Value cannot have wildcard
with any of the special characters.

If this doesnt work, please revert with the format
your window name.

Thanks and Regards,

The Police Dog.

--- original message ---

I have a window whose title can change but will
have the word &quot;Document Properties&quot; at the
end of it.

I learned the window and modified its GUI map entry
replacing the &quot;label:&quot; value with the
statement &quot;!.*Document Properties&quot;. I then
changed the

logical window name to something more meaningful.
want to use the &quot;win_check_info&quot; command to
check the

&quot;regexp_label&quot; property but do not know what
to use

for the 3rd parameter of the command
The function generator defaults the value to the
name of the window but I obviously want to use the

regular statement since the check will fail when
window name is different. I tried using the actual

regular statement but that didn't work. I saw an
message in this forum that said the window had to
a dash in it for the regular statement to work. Is

that still the case with version 7.0? If so, any

suggestions on how to proceed?

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