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Hello All,

I have been working with Robot for the past year and a half, and
prior to that worked on WinRunner v5.01 with a client-server app. At
my new client, they user WinRunner v7 with a Java-browser based app.
In a meeting today, someone stated that if you try to use a WinRunner
script recorded/written on an NT OS, the script will not function on
a machine that has a 2000 OS or a 98 OS. Is this accurate? She also
stated that the only way around this is to step through the code to
verify the GUI map. Does WinRunner really have this problem? I know
that all the Robot scripts that we had ran on different OS's as long
as it had the same browser. Even when there were different browsers,
there was very little tweaking necessary to work on the different
browser. Do you have to have different GUI maps for each OS and
browser combination?