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I need to automate a proecess of publishing files on a web page where
I need to give a file location/name in a form FILE dialog(Form Field
is : <input type=file name="f1"> )
It is not been recognised by the winrunner while recording when I
enter any file location into the textbox beside Browse Button. Even
it is not recognizing the Browse button click also.
I am interested in making the text box(of <input type=file> get a
value from the script unlike with an ordinary textbox(of <input

In GUI spy, I am getting the object recognised as :
{class: object,MSW_class: html_file,html_name: edit}
But not able to get it recognised while running.

I would even give a sample HTML file for experimentation for U guys:

Enter/Give the text here : <input type=text name="txt1">
Enter/Give the File Name : <input type=file name="f1">

If one can make some text to be placed in the second textbox from the
html file above through Winrunner, my problem is solved.

Itz very ****** please

Thanks in Anticipation