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This is a new one:

I wrote some WR tests on one computer, then loaded them into
TD project via opening them up from a disk (from WR),
then saving to a TD project.

Some of them saved normally, and "show up" as WR tests.
Some of them saved as working tests, but not considered WR tests
(have to click "all tests" instead of "WR tests" in order to find them
when opening from WR via the TD project).

1. Any idea what I am doing that could be causing this? There is no
correlation between compiled modules, regular tests. Seems random to me!

2. I've looked in places like Test Properties, etc, to see if I could
somehow change the designation to a WR test. Anyone know where
I do this? Or if it is possible?

Thanks for your help. Everything works, I just don't like the looks of

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