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This can be complicated. Or simple. "It Depends"!

If all of your java obects are being recognized, then probebly java add-in
is OK. If not, try fooling with that.

Next, just for fun, try inserting the line:
Step by this line and a box will pop up with lots of possibilities for
java method calls. Also, on the GUI spy, if you hit the java tab, you can
find some possibilities. Click on one, and the line you would actually use
to do something/find something shows up at the bottom of the spy window.

In the applications I've had to deal with, no two java trees have been the
depending on the developers mood when s/he created the jTree. Sometimes
have to step through each item to find the item of interest.

Go to "Help/ Books Online / Java Add-in Books online" (or something
"Testing Java Apps and Applets" (You might have this book with your disk).

It helps to have a little understanding of Java itself, or similar (C type)

This is what it's all about... the challange!


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Subject: [winrunner] CALLIGN ALL JAVA EXPERTS - java tree "list" object
- can record but not play back
This seems to have stumped all of the java/WR experts yesterday, so
I'll try again today...

I have a java client that I can record on just fine (it is a jtree, to
be exact) but playback just hangs once it hits the list_select_item()

The object seems ok, it is a "list" and the GUI object is correctly
highlighted when selected in the gui map.

Recording on the custom JTree seems to be working, play back does not.
Getting "NSGJTree" not found.
"NSGJTree" is a list.

================================================== ======================
# GUI map - NSGJTree is list object on the Navigation window.
class: list

Code, as recorded here looks fine, but will not play back
# Navigation
***** set_window("Navigation", 1);
***** list_select_item("NSGJTree", "TreeItem"); <<<<< hangs here...

# Getting "NSGJTree not found",* but it is clearly an object on the
Navigation window.

================================================== ======================

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