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    java tree \"list\" object - can record but not play back

    User (don.bonin@tellabs.com.nospam) posted:

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    I have a java client that I can record on just fine (it is a jtree, to
    be exact) but playback just hangs once it hits the list_select_item()

    The object seems ok, it is a "list" and the GUI object is correctly
    highlighted when selected in the gui map.

    Recording on the custom JTree seems to be working, play back does not.
    Getting "NSGJTree" not found.
    "NSGJTree" is a list.

    ================================================== ======================
    # GUI map - NSGJTree is list object on the Navigation window.
    class: list

    Code, as recorded here looks fine, but will not play back
    # Navigation
    set_window("Navigation", 1);
    list_select_item("NSGJTree", "TreeItem"); <<<<< hangs here...

    # Getting "NSGJTree not found", but it is clearly an object on the
    Navigation window.

    ================================================== ======================

    We have tried adding more properties to the list object, but this
    changes nothing.
    We are new to the java scene. Please help us get past this brain jam!
    Thanks guys,
    Don Bonin

    6x00 Test Automation Tools
    Optical Network Group, Management Systems
    Tellabs Operations, Inc.
    Tellabs: 630-378-8797
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    Re: java tree \"list\" object - can record but not play back

    Can't tell you your problem right off but have you tried putting in a synchronization statement that checks that the list is enabled or displayed prior to operating on it? Then play around and see if there is something that must be done to "activate" the list for operation prior to actually selecting from it. Check the state of the object with the GUI Spy prior to operation. I have run into several list object types where I had to do an actual mouse click on it to "activate" it and then I could use the context sensitive command to get done what I needed.




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