In our application we list a set of users in a jsp page based on a specific search condition. i.e I've got a total of 10 users out of which 1 user name starts with letter 'A'. The page provides a search facility in which I specify UserName starts with 'A'. The list now displays the result user. This user is displayed within a table of 4 columns where the first column is having a checkbox which carries the userId(referred to the column UserId in User table in the Database). The rest of the columns carries just labels holding the FirsName, LastName and LoginName of the user. I map this Checkbox thro the GUI Map Editor and store in my gui file as "userid" object. This object gets a part_value equals to the UserId in the page display. Next I'd like to select this User and click on an Action 'Modify'. To select this I use button_set("userid",ON); statement. In case of any new search result I set the part_value using
GUI_buf_set_desc_attr(gui_path,"main","userid","pa rt_value", user_id);
Here the user_id value is fetched from a data table(some .xls file). For existing users this works fine as I can specify the UserId in the table. But for new User creation I'll not be knowing the UserIds as they get generated in the database. How can I set the part_value to identify this checkbox object. Or else any other mechanism to select this object for further processing.

Can I be helped out for this??

Thanx for giving a look at this..