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Dear All,

I am facing one problem after installation of Winrunner.

I am installing winrunner from a network(n/w license), so I map the drive to
this network with reconnect at log-on option and i give the connecting login
information.For example as E drive.
After few times of logging in to the m/c, this drive is not connected since
there was a mismatch in the login information. Now when i try to invoke
winrunner,it has to map to this drive right!!! it does not know which drive
was mapped?? i get the error that
"Testing Tool Error: Could not connect to the WinRunner Record/Run engine.
I would like to know that is this because of this or something else???
So when i tried to get the information from registery editor, it will be
like \\ntwb113\winrunner\lib\arch...

So i would like to know to which drive will it connects, if i have lost the
connetion to the machine..then how can i find that this has to be connected
to this drive???
Can some one help me in this regard...

Have a nice weekend and thanx in advance,