I tried to configure the said object to standard class i.e. combo_box , but WinRunner 7 failed to recogonize it.

The Sheridan combo box control is having three different Sheridan controls in it.

a) Sheridan edit control(i.e.SSDatawidgetsEdit)
b) Sheridan frame(i.e.SSDropDownFrame)
c) Sherdian child drop down(i.e.SSChildDropDown)


A) When I am clicking the down arrow button of the control during recording WinRunner is not recording that action.

B) If I am selecting the elements of the combo thru mouse .It is creating each element selected as an object and adding to GUI Map.
e.g.:- If I am having these details in the dropdown window..

D Details
B Break
C Continue

If I am clicking D a D object is created and added to the GUI.So during replay it is not recogonizing the object D.

C) If I am using only the keyboard keys i.e down/up arrow for selection , and the subsequient recoring of the action and replaying is working well.

Can any one give me proper way to configure my Sheridan Combo box control.