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I use a keyword driven methodology and it has been quite useful for me.
I am our only tester so I wrote the framework and the .csv files that are
the actual scripts.
It is true that with a keyword driven framework it does not integrate well
into Test Director, it is used more as a stand-alone type of tool.
However I sometimes find that using these so-called integrated tools tend to
tie my hands and actually take away some functionality that I would like to
For a real world example, I wrote a keyword driven framework for Rational
Robot in less than 2 weeks. I wrote the .csv files which are the actual
tests in about 3 weeks.
I then found out we needed to perform the exact same testing with a green
screen app.
So we purchased WinRunner and I wrote a keyword driven framework in TSL in
about 2 weeks.
I then used the exact same .csv files for my scripts. I did not have to
touch the input data files in any way.
The keyword driven framework needs little to no maintenance since it is
really just a script interpreter and the .csv files are the scripts. The
.csv files may change but the framework does not. My framework is actually
under 1000 lines of code, so maintenance when needed is not so bad.
Anyway this is just my opinion, and we all know what opinions are worth.
For those who would like to know more about the keyword driven methodology
check out this excellent white paper by Keith Zambelich.

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