Does anyone have any success with using Oracle Developer 2000 add-in? The application I'm automating uses Oracle 6i. I have 2 questions and any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. When I do a GUI spy on a text field, WinRunner thinks I want to capture the whole window. It will not highlight the text field. However, it will capture the text field when I learn the whole window, but names it as ORA_TEXT_#.

2. In the "Read Me First" file for Developer 2000 add-in, it says "In the GUI map, the physical descriptions of edit fields, lists, combo boxes and image buttons now include the new ora_block property which contains the internal block name of the object and the ora_item property which contains the item name." However, the only place I've seen this is in ORA_TEXT_#.

Unless I get this to work, I will have to resort to Oracle Application add-in and manually change each Logical Name one by one.

BTW, I've put in 'render=0 record=names' parameters on the call to the Oracle application.