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Hello Friends,

We are trying to use WinRunner to automate SIebel testing. Cadence
has the unit test plan and system test plans and most of the test
cases are do-able.
Only problem we are facing with automating our product using
winrunner is is

1. Checking of Mandatory / Read Only field
2. Checking the List of Values

The reason why it is not working with our product is ,internally our
product Screens are defined as Tables .

The LOVs appearing in the screens do not link with Drop down list box
property but they are mapped to Push Buttons.

So Selecting a value from LOV is mapped to pushing a button. Due to
this reason, function written to check the values in the list box or
selecting a value from list box are not working in our product as
there is no such object as List box.

We ,are trying to automate Unit test plan where checking the
completeness of LOV is critical thing

Could nayone please let me know how this can be done.

Thanks and Regards,