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HI Everyone,

I am trying to implement some exception handling for some of our scripts and
something seems to be happening that doesn't make sense.

The following is an example of what I am doing:


rc =
define_tsl_exception("db_connecthandler","Db_Conne ctHandlerFunc",E_ANY_ERROR

rc = db_connect("blah");

There is a function called "Db_ConnectHandlerFunc" in the
Exceptions_Handling compiled module. The only thing the function does is
launch a pause message saying that I am in the function.

The problem is that the exception doesn't work until I exit WinRunner and
relaunch it. When I exit WinRunner, it asks if I want to update the
configuration, which I do. Then if I relaunch the script, everything works

I am using the define_tsl_exception function, so that these scripts will
work correctly on different machines.

Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it works.



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