Winrunner does not work with SAP GUI 6.10

Our Users use WinRunner Version 7.2, Build 0126, to upload data into our SAP HR system. On some users we have loaded the 6.10 GUI and when trying to upload data with WinRunner they obtain the following error:

Cannot locate the SAP R/3 front end,
SAP Frontend must be used at least once so it can register on your computer.

After some investigation we find that WinRunner is looking for the following file:

When running WinRunner it is looking for two files: \\SAPpc\\sapgui\\front.exe and \\SAPpc\\sapgui\\front.exe.dll

The front.exe is not in the GUI directory

We also find that:

front.exe is now called sapfront.dll in sapgui 6.10..

How do we change WinRunner to find this file.