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slight newby question.
I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction here.
Using Winrunner 6.

I use the obj_get_text() function on a list box to capture the contents
of a list box. This then gets written to a file using file_printf()
In using obj_get_text("object_name,Var)

Capture from NS4.7 browser the Watch shows "6/r/nContents of Box"
that is the number 6 and the cr/lf pair with text.

Capture from IE5 only gives the "6/r/n" combo.

Any idea why they are different and can anyone suggest what I should be

A secondary annoyance is that the file_printf() does not follow the
manual or online help format (or indeed the 'C' style of printf().

Thanks in advance
Max Richens
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