Hello guys

I am sending the attachement where I am exactly facing the problem...

I am working for a VisualBasic application where we have a login screen which is containing two text fields(One is for Username and another is for Password) and two buttons.
when I start recording using Record context sensitive by entering username and password and when I start to execute the script I am getting error Object currently disabled(At text fields).

I am even sending u the script where I am facing the problem.
# Server Login: xyz
win_activate ("Server Login: xyz");
set_window ("Server Login: xyz", 1);
when it comes to obj_type I am facing the problem(Object currently Disabled)
obj_type ("TEdit_16","rndemo<kTab>");

# xyz_0
set_window ("xyz_0", 8);
menu_select_item ("Logoff");

# Confirm_1
set_window ("Confirm_1", 1);
obj_mouse_click ("OK", 40, 12, LEFT);

If I run the Login form of Flight Application(Provided by mercury) the test is passing what would be the region for this.