See the attachement you will be knowing easily where I am facing the problem.
I Am working on winrunner 7.0 on visual basic application.
when I am recording my Login Form which is containing two text fields and two buttons using record context sensitive and when I run the script It is showing a message object currently disabled(for two text fields) even though I have learned the objects in GUI Map editor.
If I run it in Record Analog and run the script my test is running correctly.

If I run through rapid test script wizard it is running well.

I whant to know what would be the region for this.

I have got the Information from raju but I am not clear I need some more Information regarding it so Iam sending the attachement where Iam facing the problem.

# Server Login:
win_activate ("Server Login: xyz");
set_window ("Server Login: xyz", 2);
obj_type ("TEdit_8","rndemo<kTab>");

when Iam running the script the error is coming when cursor comes to obj_type the error it is showing is
Run Wizard--Winrunner can not find the object"{class "0 1782928}
press the hand icon and select the object.
and it is also showing if the object not found is a virtual object then u need to relearn it using virtuval object learn object.

# xyz_0
set_window ("xyz_0", 11);
menu_select_item ("Logoff");

# Confirm_1
set_window ("Confirm_1", 1);
obj_mouse_click ("OK", 21, 15, LEFT);

# Browser Main Window
win_restore ("Browser Main Window");
win_activate ("Browser Main Window");