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    Re: Problems working with TrueDBGrids

    User Richard Weber (rweber@houston.ds.adp.com.nospam) posted:

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    Try using ActiveX functions to deal with these objects. You (WinRunner)
    could be mistaking total row count for visible row count.

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    Problems working with TrueDBGrids

    User Payette, Kathy (JKPayett@ingr.com.nospam) posted:

    Does anyone have any experience/advice to offer regarding testing of APEX
    TrueDBGrids with WinRunner? We having various problems testing them. For

    1) We are having problems working with the last row in a grid. We can
    determine how many rows there are in the grid, bu then WinRunner seems to
    recalculate the index values every time we scroll down. In other words, if
    the cursor is in row1, we cannot move to row 155 without first scrolling
    down to the bottom of the grid. Then, WinRunner sees row 155 as row 28
    (last row on the page displayed).

    2) A single cell in our grid is perceived as an edit textbox once the cell
    is selected. However, the value returned from these cell is inconsistent.
    The code below may return the value "celldata" part of the time (this is
    what we would expect), but then the rest of the time it returns "68"???

    tbl_set_selected_cell ( "TrueDBGrid60.TDBGrid_0", "#27", "#1" );

    Any suggestions, or assistance would be appreciated.
    Kathy Payette
    Intergraph Corporation



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