I canít seem to find an easy, straight way of keeping track of IE browsers when more then one is open.

In my application under test I am walking across all the links confirming my destination and return home. Works. Except one link actually opens a new browser window. I hacked in some code to focus on the new window, verify its the right page and then close the whole browser window then re-focus on the original window. And life continues.

Similar grief happens if I start working on multiple windows "Browser Main Window" becomes "Browser Main Window_1" or _2 or _3 and so on.

I would prefer a solution that knows the window just opened. When I

(or invoke_application)

I'd like to know it is "Browser Main Window_1" instead of assuming it is. (Actually I assume it is "Browser Main Window"). Then after any link I could determine my window and browser changed.

I tried rolling thru object definitions by index or location and the results were interesting but dead ends. Maybe I didn't do it right. (See Mercury's close all open browser routine as an example)

I think I am missing the elephant but concentrating on the engine in the back (Whatís under an elephants tail? Must be an engine because the trunks up front. Old VW joke.)

So any suggestions?

Al Pareigis
QA Architect - Software Quality Practice
Leapnet Inc.
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