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    User defined Functions in Winrunner

    I need to write many user defined functions like sorting, add function create, delete and so on, is there any chance of getting help from the winrunner documentation as iam not good in programming so i need some guide lines if such sitautions occur how could i solve them.are there any sites which contains TSL userdefined functions as examples.

    rudheer s
    rudheer s

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    Re: User defined Functions in Winrunner

    Try a "C" book. TSL is really similiar in style and syntax. The help may be helpful if you know what you are doing, but I do not thinkit is going to be that useful to someone who has never coded before.

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    Re: User defined Functions in Winrunner

    Try the Mercury site but a good book to get is teach yourself 'C' in 21 days it is really good for beginners and takes you from basics to advanced topics.
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