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There are a couple of discussions on this in the MI support user
forums and knowledge base but in summary.... not that anybody has yet
posted... can do it all for defects but the new "improved" workflow
stuff only applies to defects so there does not appear to be a simple
way of automating what you want... I woul almost settle for a blank
value failing a verify item list box but als... no such luck

I will keep trying to find a way around the problem



--- In winrunner@y..., mikeo_gator <mikeo_gator@y...> wrote:
sections of test director 7.2. In all cases when I define a new
field the default value in my documents is a blank. It doesn't
matter whether the field is an input box or drop down list...still
blank. I would like to define a default value so that i know the
field will be filed in even if the user doesn't do anything. I am
also hoping that if I add a new field existing test cases will
inherit that default value. For list boxes I can turn on verify, but
it doesn't complain about a blank either. As a work around I am
considering going into the DB after the fact and replacing the blank
fields with my default value. I don't really want to do this but
will as a last resort.
Has anyone done this for the other areas of TD?

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