User Shrinivas Rawale ( posted:

Hi all,

When I use web_obj_get_child_item() for a hyperlink in particular cell of
an html table, I get the desc as follows:
{class: "object", MSW_class: "html_text_link", html_name: "don.n", tag:
What is this "tag"?
Moreover, when I add this hyperlink dynamically using GUI_add() in my gui
map, it stores it as "don.n" and not don.n i.e. with quotes. After I click
the link, I get a page with an html table with the same name as the
previous link. When I add this table to the GUI map using GUI_add(), again
it is added with the name in quotes. After that when I use this table in a
tbl_ function, it obviously does not recognize it.
Why the quotes are being added?


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