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    Virtual edit Objects

    Anyone know why MI don't support virtual objects of class edit.

    I am finding that obj_mouse_click does not reliably position on the correct field to be edited all the time.


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    Re: Virtual edit Objects

    Try using obj_type("YOUR OBJECT", THE TAB KEY GOES HERE); to tab from field to field.

    I tried surround the actual tab key argument in arrow brackets and they didn't show properly in this post. So your second argument in the obj_type statement should be:
    double-quote, less-than-symbol, kTab, double-quote, greater-than-symbol.

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    Re: Virtual edit Objects

    The object concerned is actually an unsupported grid control containing about 20 edit and list fields. I had previously tried obj_type k<PageUp> to get position on the top of the grid and then tabbing my way through. That way I thought I could avoid virtual objects on all the grid fields.

    Now that I have admitted defeat on that I'll try obj_type on the virtual objects I have defined in line with your suggestions

    Thanks for that. I'll post my findings.

    I still would like to know why virtual objects only apply to some classes especially as edit is such a common one.




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