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I have been evaluating WinRunner. We are storing our tests on a
shared Server. Tests created on my PC, having Win_GUI_Checks don't
seem to have Standard Properties in the check lists. I am using a
delphi Add-in only. I can see Non-Standard Properties but no Standard
properties. When I started my evaluation I did see these Standard
props but now I can't get to see them. I'm assuming I have changed
some setting or something equally simple but can't work it out.
All the other PCS involved do have Standard Props. This causes
problems as I can't run tests that have Standard properties in the
check lists that have been recorded on other PC's but they can run
mine. WinRunner brings up an error message saying I don't have an add-
in required for this operation.

I hope I have made my problem clear. Any thoughts????????
There is so much in WinRunner its hard to try and back-track.....


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