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Dear All,

I have an application which has MSflexgrid in the form of table..
If i record this it looks like this:

set_window ("Local Area Code", 3);

obj_mouse_click ("MSFlexGridWndClass", 44, 57, LEFT);

set_window ("Callrouting - [Local Area Code]", 2);

menu_select_item ("Operations;Create");

set_window ("Local Area Code", 1);

obj_mouse_click ("MSFlexGridWndClass", 140, 75, LEFT);

list_select_item ("ComboBox", "Local Area Code"); # Item Number 0;

obj_mouse_click ("MSFlexGridWndClass", 278, 73, LEFT);

edit_set ("Edit", "435435");

obj_mouse_click ("MSFlexGridWndClass", 30, 62, LEFT);

if i execute thw above script, it works fine...

i have one more inhouse tool which identifies as this as custom object.
so i have made this as a table format,it looks like this:

set_window("LocalAreaCode1", 20);

win_mouse_click("LocalAreaCode1", 1, 1, LEFT); # Task: lac / Step:

set_window("Callrouting", 20);

menu_select_item("Create"); # Task: lac / Step: Create

wait(2, 0);

set_window("LocalAreaCode1", 20);

tbl_set_selected_cell("MSFlexGridWndClass", "#1", "#1"); # Task: lac /
Step: MSFlexGridWndClass

list_select_item("LACCombo_list", "Local Area Code"); # Task: lac / Step:

edit_set("LACedit", "9876"); # Task: lac / Step: LACedit

win_close("LocalAreaCode1"); # Task: lac

The script stops at tbl_set_selected_cell("MSFlexGridWndClass", "#1", "#1");
# Task: lac / Step: MSFlexGridWndClass
stating that
WIndow: "LocalAreaCode1"
Error:Operation is not appropriate for this widget class
So, how can i make it to recognize this. Am i missing some thing...

Thanx in advance...

With warm regards & best wishes,

Shiva Prakash G.K

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