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Taking a course on Mercury Interactive's Automated testing tools, can
possibly help you in these hard times of trying to locate new employment in
the QA industry. If you have recently been terminated from your current
position, RIGHT NOW and for the next month, SKY IT Group is willing to help
you get back on track, by offering you a 10% discount on the following
training courses...

August 27th - 28th (NYC) - WinRunner/WebTest ($900)
September 10th - 14th (NYC) - TestSuite Adv. ($2250) *Five Days Only
September 24th - 28th (Quincy, MA) - TestSuite Adv. ($2250) *Five Days Only
October 1st - 2nd (NYC) - WinRunner/WebTest ($900)

Contact us today at (888) 354-4115 x302 for additional information, or email
us at

If these days are not possible at the current time, please check out
regularly scheduled classes in your area:

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TESTDIRECTOR: This course teaches students to manage the testing process for
a project. Students learn to implement an automated test plan and how to
customize TestDirector for their environment.

September 10 (NYC)
September 17 (Saddle Brook, NJ)
September 24 (Quincy, MA)
October 15 (NYC)
November 12 (NYC)
November 12 (Quincy, MA)
November 26 (Saddle Brook, NJ)
December 10 (NYC)

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WINRUNNER BASIC: This course will teach students the fundamentals of how to
create automated tests using WinRunner. By the completion of this course,
the students will be able to utilize WinRunner's features to automate
functional and regression tests.

September 11 - 12 (NYC)
September 18 - 19 (Saddle Brook, NJ)
September 25 - 26 (Quincy, MA)
October 16 - 17 (NYC)
November 13 - 14 (NYC)
November 13 - 14 (Quincy, MA)
November 27 - 28 (Saddle Brook, NJ)
December 11 - 12 (NYC)

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WINRUNNER ADVANCED: This course extends the Introduction to WinRunner class
by providing students with advanced programming and troubleshooting
techniques to enhance WinRunner automated test scripts for maintainability
and reliability.

September 13 - 14 (NYC)
September 20 - 21 (Saddle Brook, NJ)
September 27 - 28 (Quincy, MA)
October 18 - 19 (NYC)
November 15 - 16 (NYC)
November 15 - 16 (Quincy, MA)
November 29 - 30 (Saddle Brook, NJ)
December 13 - 14 (NYC)

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WINRUNNER WEBTEST: WinRunner with WebTest allows you to perform functional
testing on web sites. By the completion of this course, the students will be
able to develop and execute an automated test for both static and dynamic
web sites.

August 27 - 28 (NYC)
October 1 - 2 (NYC)
November 5 - 6 (NYC)
December 3 -4 (NYC)

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This course covers issues of load testing and functional testing under load
for intranet and Internet client/server systems. This course focuses on
emulating real users, and teaches students to use LoadRunner tools to:

November 6 - 9 (Saddle Brook, NJ)

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Registration can be completed in three different ways:
1. Contact our Educational Services Department at (888) 354-4115 x302.
2. Visit us on our website at and register
3. Or, download a copy of our registration from our website
and fax it back to (212) 202-4932.

Payment must be made prior to the training class
date. After registration is complete, each student will receive a
confirmation packet with location information, class date and start time,
and hotel and travel information.

*NOTE: Early registration of 3 weeks or more entitles participants to an
allowance of 10%. Companies who send 3 or more participants are entitled to
a 10% allowance off the total.

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Sky IT Group also offers on-site, instructor-led training programs as a
cost-effective method of providing training to a large group of employees.
All public courses are delivered on-site in the convenience of your training
facility. All custom and on-site classes are taught by a certified
instructor and are designed for a maximum of twelve students.

Sky Technologies will provide:
Certified instructor for the specific course
Student Training Materials
Promotional Incentive gifts
Installation instructions and guidance
Course certificates of completion

Customer responsibility:
Encourage full participation
Provide classroom environment with the appropriate technical equipment
Assign contacts who may be utilized for all logistical issues and
installation/configuration of systems.

How to set-up an on-site class:
Verify that your facility is suitable for training
Contact Educational Services at (888) 354-4115 x302 or by email at
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