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    New version of Winnrunner 7.01

    I just got this upgrade in the mail and I don't see anything that explains the differences between it and 7.00.

    Can some one tell me ?



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    Re: New version of Winnrunner 7.01

    If you log in to/create an account at http://support.mercuryinteractive.com, then click on the "More Info" link under the announcement about the release of 7.01, it lists things out for you.



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    Re: New version of Winnrunner 7.01


    check the attach message


    WinRunner 7.01 has been released and is now available. Please read this alert to find out what’s new in version 7.01 and how you can order a CD if you have active maintenance contract.

    Upgrading to WinRunner 7.01

    WinRunner 7.01 is release targeted for mass upgrade. It addresses a number of issues identified since the release of WinRunner 6.02. Therefore, we recommend performing an upgrade if your release is below 7.0 version.

    It is not required to uninstall the previous version of the product. However, we recommend to all WR 7.0 users to upgrade to WR 7.01 to take advantages of the issues resolved in WR 7.01.

    Customers who are currently under WinRunner Maintenance agreement do not have to order WR 7.01 CD; they will receive it by the end of August.

    What’s New in WinRunner 7.0 and 7.01

    Date Operations functionality

    Date Operations functionality, previously part of the Y2K add-in, is now available in the core product. Date Operations allow users to manipulate date fields in their GUI applications, including changing the date formats during test run (useful for testing localized applications), aging recorded dates (useful for testing application behavior on different future dates), and defining checkpoints for verifying correct date formats.

    Ability to edit Runtime Record Checkpoints.

    WinRunner 7.0 introduced a new type of checkpoint - database verification. This checkpoint allows comparing values displayed in the User Interface with the values stored in the database. Runtime database record checkpoints enable you to check that your application inserts, deletes, updates, or retrieves data in a database correctly. By mapping application controls to database fields, you can check that the values in your application are correctly read from or written to the matching database fields when you run your test.

    WinRunner 7.01 takes this functionality even further allowing to edit these checkpoints (instead of deleting them and creating the new ones) to reflect the changes in the applications or in the way it is tested.

    Improved support for Internet Explorer 5.5

    WinRunner 7.01 includes a better support for the Internet Explorer 5.5 browser, including fixes to some common problems in the support for this browser that existed in previous versions of WinRunner.

    WinRunner Runtime

    This new version of WinRunner, WinRunner Runtime is available. This version has a "replay only" functionality and allows to run WinRunner tests and view their results, but creating or modifying existing tests functionality is disabled. Please contact your local Mercury Interactive sales representative or call 1-800-TEST-911 for more information.

    Selective recording

    You can specify exactly which applications WinRunner should record of those currently running on your desktop. This avoids the common problem of extraneous script lines when you suddenly switch to other applications while recording a test.

    GUI Spy

    The new GUI Spy is an integrated tool for spying on standard, ActiveX, and Java controls. It displays the properties of standard controls and the properties and methods of ActiveX and Java controls. You can copy and paste functions for activating Java methods from the GUI Spy into your test script.

    Automatic backup of test script

    WinRunner can automatically create a backup copy of your test script at intervals you specify.


    The WebTest Add-in now supports Internet Explorer 5.5.You can now record password_edit_set on password fields in Web pages. WebTest now supports all browser controls in any Windows application.

    TestDirector 7i integration

    WinRunner is now integrated with TestDirector 7i, Mercury Interactive’s Web-based test management tool.

    Fixes the problems detected in WinRunner 7.0

    WinRunner 7.01 includes a number of fixes for issues found in WinRunner 7.0. It includes most of the patches released for WinRunner since the release of WinRunner 7.0. WinRunner 7.01 has improved integration with LoadRunner, and replaces the special "WinRunner for LoadRunner 7" edition that was made available after the release of LoadRunner 7.

    How to order a copy of WR 7.01

    Please note that this version will be automatically shipped to all customers by the end of August.

    If you have an active maintenance contract and would like to receive a copy of WinRunner 7.01, you may Order the CD




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