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Hi Omri,
I've done a lot of work in the TD Database. What type of database are
you running? If SQL server, check the diagrams in the enterprise manager.
If Access click on the relationships button. If oracle use a tool like
erWin to print out the schema. I have a 36 inch by 60 inch laminated print
out of the 7.01 schema that I reference constantly.

Good luck!


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08/17/2001 12:55 AM Subject: [winrunner] Testdirector Database
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I am trying to write a software that will analize my TD DB, but I can not
undersrand the TD DB, when ever I run test, it does not appear in any
table, nor in the RUNS_VIEW.
I am trying to run it on the Public Deme project.

If some1 have any idea or even better a schema of the DB it will be very

Omri Gonen
Team Leader QA - Voltaire Advance Security
Tact System Testware inc.

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