Currently we are doing regression testing for web application using WINRUNNER 6.0 with web test add in.

We have found some problems during the parametrization of hyper link Texts.

Following is the Situation where we find problem

We have captured and parametrized the script.

When we are entering and submitting the values for submittion form,new screen will appear with lot of hyper links texts in that screen.(Note different hyper link for diiferent data what ever we have submitted in the submittion form).Also we know that winrunner identifies each hyper link text as a GUI Object.

So during play back with the new data from data table the win runner will show as error stating that

"Object not found in GUI map".

So for thousands of data, we can't go and learn each and every hyper link.

I thing that for the OBJECTS of hyper link are differentiated by WinRunner only by logical name and in physical description by the property of html_name. How can we parametrize the Hyper Link text in
"GUI OBJECT" in that situation? for the above datas.

Pls give us the positive answer.

saravana kumar