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    learning GUI map

    User Vachhani, Prasann (prasann_vachhani@rsco.com) posted:

    Is there a way to learn ALL windows/objects in a Java application (mainly
    SWING UI) like the way RapidTest Wizard does (it's disabled in when Java
    add-in is loaded)? Right now, I have to learn everything manually.. so
    sometimes when a test may hit something that wasn't previously explored.. I
    have to manually do that test case and run the test over again. I have the
    Java add-in 7.0. Do I need some kind of separate add-in/patch for Swing?


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    Re: learning GUI map

    User sergei ilyushin (isergei01@yahoo.com) posted:

    I was looking for the same topic at MI site. Thast's
    what they have as an answer:

    "The Rapid Test Script Wizard was not implemented for
    Java Applications. The Test Script Wizard should
    mainly be used for the Tutorial and for training
    exercises, not for creating your actual test scripts
    and GUI files. There are two methods for generating
    your GUI files. The first, and the easiest is to just
    begin recording. When you click on an object in your
    application while recording, WinRunner will learn the
    object and place it into the GUI file. Once you are
    done recording, you can open the GUI Map Editor and
    you will see the objects that you just recorded on in
    the Temporary GUI file. Be sure to save the GUI file,
    to avoid the risk of losing the objects. The second
    method is to go through the GUI Map Editor window.
    Click on the "Learn" button in the GUI Map Editor and
    point and click on the objects that you would like to
    learn into your GUI file. Again be sure to save the
    GUI file. "

    Some help, I hope.


    --- "Vachhani, Prasann" <prasann_vachhani@rsco.com>




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