Hi All,
New here so apologise if this is an obvious question
Using winrunner 7.0 and IE 5.5 I have a dynamic scroll frame which I can use web_frame_text_exists to confirm that a company exists e.g ACE LTD.
What I want to do is then scurry across the columns on the row where it exists and click on the SHOW COMPANY DETAILS link.
I can get Winrunner to produce an output variable that stores the location of the string as a four-element array - "rect".
What I want to do is :
Print out the elements of the array "rect" So that I can see how the co-ords are stored (just to satisfy my own curiousity!)
and then take the row coord as a starting point for 'moving the mouse over'
Please note that :
for (i in rect);
report_msg ("the info is "& rect[i]);
is returning nothing to my test report.

Any help is greatly appreciated.