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    run wizard

    User Vachhani, Prasann (prasann_vachhani@rsco.com) posted:

    while running a test, if winrunner can't locate an object mentioned, then a
    run wizard is supposed to open.
    but i'm getting a regular error message "object not found" with options to
    continue or pause.
    is there some setting i have to change somwhere?



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    Re: run wizard

    Try running the following:
    setvar("disable_runwizard", 0);


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    Re: run wizard

    User Vachhani, Prasann (prasann_vachhani@rsco.com) posted:

    I'm still not getting the run wizard. I just get an error message with
    options to either continue or pause (when the object is not found..)

    - pk

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    Re: run wizard

    User mercury guy (mercuryguy@hotmail.com) posted:

    In setting, select the option "run in batch mode". It will not show you the
    object not found window.
    But it will send the message to the report that object is not found.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: run wizard

    User Prem (Prem.Arumugam@oracle.com) posted:

    There is no run wizard if the web or the java plug-in are selected.


    "Vachhani, Prasann" wrote:



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