Excuse me if this sounds stupid or if I'm missing something obvious but I don't understand why I'd ever want to use db_check.

First, it seems from a design perspective that the tests will be more robust if I let my testers update their own expected results in a data table. Otherwise I have to worry about rerunning tests in update mode everytime something changes. As the software engineer why do I want to be involved with those changes. Let the tester make the changes that invariably happen in the testing process.

Second, I find db_check extremely limiting in practice. Even with the parameter options it requires a run in Update mode. Many times I am updating or inserting records in a database that are retrieved later via their keys. The problem here is those values are generated only at runtime and change everytime the test is run so I can't know the values of the parameters before the test is run.

It seems to me that having the expected results in a datatable is the only way to go. (using the db and ddt TSL functions)

Any comments would be appreciated.