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hi all,

i have a bunch of winrunner scripts that are working perfectly in
winrunner. now i have to put them in testdirctor 7. i have copy all
my scripts and my gui files and data file into the testdirector
server. but it's unable to work...for example this is my init script
in winrunnrer:

# close temporary and all gui files

# set path to library, and my data, scripts, and gui maps directory

# load my gui file

in testdirector i modify the scripts to this because i put the gui
file into my testdirector:
GUI_load("\\computer06\\tdcomdir\\TD_Proj1\\GUImap \\Flight2.gui");

but still it was unable to find the gui file and when i reload
("myfunctions")...there was an error message that said "unable to
find test" even though i put that script in testdirector...anyone
know why? anyhelp will be greatly appreciated!