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    Anywhere to download WinRunner?

    I found a shop with a legacy system, and was wondering if i could get it some where.

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    Re: Anywhere to download WinRunner?

    Download? Nowhere that I know of legally. Though HP might still sell you a copy. You'd probably have to run it under Windows XP.

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    Re: Anywhere to download WinRunner?

    HP probably won't sell it to you directly, as when you purchase QTP, you get WR with it as a legacy option with the same license type purchased.

    and last time we tried to get it, it was a pleading with them to include it. They are wanting to get it off their offering plate to people, since support is no longer offered.
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    Re: Anywhere to download WinRunner?

    Thanks for the input. I was just looking for a evaluation copy, but I guess it's not available.

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    Re: Anywhere to download WinRunner?

    Assuming evaluation also implies evaluation prior to purchase, then contact HP or an HP var sales rep. They will be happy to work with you and your management to evaluate and purchase WinRunner. Do not be surprised if they want to "reference sell" by setting up a call with you and someone with an identical environment to speak to WinRunner's capabilties.

    Also noted as above, they will most likely want you to evaluate QTP for suitability given that WR is end of life and QTP is the strategic tool moving forward.
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    Re: Anywhere to download WinRunner?

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    Re: Anywhere to download WinRunner?

    I see nothing there that provides for a WinRunner download.

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    I know that it's been a couple of years since HP officially stopped supporting WinRunner and yet, here I am looking for a working "free" evaluation copy of WinRunner. This is because I am a college professor & since this tool is in the course syllabus I'm teaching, I need a download link to get a working copy of this software. .
    So any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    (I know I'm asking this question on a thread where the last post was sent more than 2 years ago. But I really hope somebody sees this and answers my question. Thanks in advance!)

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    Maybe a silly question, but why does your syllabus include a many, many years obsolete product? It seems foolish to be teaching a college level course utilizing archaic technology? Why not change the syllabus to include the subsequent product instead - Unified Functional Test?

    If your employer sets the syllabus for you, then they should've provided you with the tools you need to fulfill their requirement, including a copy of the software.
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    Call HP. As the license owner only they can provide a link. There are educational prices as well. Very likely they are going to note that the product is not available for sale, no longer supported and direct you to QTP or the UFT variant.



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