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Thread: Using eval

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    Using eval

    User Paul Nardell (Paul.Nardell@mediasurface.com) posted:

    Hello guys,

    I am attempting to use the eval function so I can use a call to a test that
    looks like

    call m_root&"\\lib\\webinit" ();

    At the moment I can't seem to get the syntax right when I put the call
    inside an eval() function. Can anyone help me out?

    ta muchly

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    Re: Using eval

    User Lior Dekel (lior@dig-app.com) posted:

    Here you go...
    eval("call_close \""& Test_Name &"\"();"); # also you can use

    where Test_Name is a prameter holding the full path to the test.
    also with params to the test which is called:
    eval("call_close \""& Test_Name &"\"(" & i & "," & mac_adrs &


    If it's working... don't touch it!



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