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    winrunner script

    Hi !All
    I have an issue using Winrunner 6.02 tool..
    Is there a Way such that I can record the events but do not acually apply the changes into the database or webpage.
    I have this Issue because I can apply for a service only once for our web based product and I want for a Specific test user to first record individual events and then Run the complete script on the product.
    Your help will be appreciated.


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    Re: winrunner script

    Certainly you can record your script, then edit it to remove the last action which applies the changes (for example, remove the final click on the "Apply" button).

    I suspect you need to think about writing scripts rather than just recording and playing them back.

    Perhaps you want to use a variable "name" in this script, so you can actually run it and create a new customer entry?

    - Joe (strazzerj@aol.com)

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    Re: winrunner script

    Is the reasoning behind not wanting to commit the canges that you are testing against a production environment? If not, then you can just use a data driven test with various tester names or depending on the database create an ODBC connection to remove the data once inserted. This way you could even have the tool validate the data insertion as well ...

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