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Iam mmreddy.your asked the question "Hoe to
identifies webtest?
WinRunner learns a set of default properties for each
object you operate on while recording a test. These
properties enable WinRunner to obtain a unique
identification for every object that you test. This
information is stored in the GUImap. WinRunner uses
the GUI map to help it locate frames and objects
during atest run.
WinRunner identifies each HTML page and frame that it
encounters as a separate window. The class property
indicates the class of the object. The html_ name
property indicates the name assigned to the HTML page
or frame. The MSW_ class property indicates the MSW_
class to which the HTML page or frame belong.
For example, a Web page may have the following
information in the GUI map:
class: window,
MSW_ class: html_ frame,
html_ name: "Mercury Interactive Home Page"

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