I am trying to get WR to record a Virtual Object of class OBJECT, using it's Logical Name.

Here is the Record Code...
set_window("Search Household/Campaign", 10);
obj_mouse_click("LastName", 26, 2, LEFT);
win_type ("Search Household/Campaign","EdSki");

In "obj_mouse_click"...the "LastName" is the Logical Name for a Virtual Object of Class OBJECT.
In the AUT, the "LastName" is an edit/text field.
Now look at the recording code above and Note that when I type in this text box, the "win_type" function kicks in and the window label is recorded as if it is typing on the window itself...???

here is the GUI description for "LastName"
class: object,
virtual: TRUE,
x: 105,
y: 274,
width: 132,
height: 13,
rows: 1,
columns: 1

I have tried to Configure the GUI object to the bare bones properties, but still get the same results. I have over 100 of these text fields in the app, and I would like to be able to write code like...
obj_type("LastName, "edski");

When I try this, I get the error that a "Virtual Object does not support this function...?!!!

Is there any documentation as to what Functions that I can use with Virtual Objects...???