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I just added the following article to the MI WR knowledgebase:

"The File/Open dialog in WinRunner that appears when WR is connected to a T=
project is plainly too small. The first step of the average user is to
enlarge or maximize the dialog, and make the first column ("Test Name")

Unfortunately, this has to be done whenever it is opened, which really used
to frustate all my users.

Since there is just a very faint hope that Mercury will change that, I
created a patch.

If you place the dll into the WinRunner arch directory (make sure you backu=
the original file first), you get the following enhancements in that dialog=

1. Its initial size is close to 800x600.
2. Its initial position is close to the top leftmost screen corner.
3. The "Test Name" column in the listview is always wide enough to show eve=
the longest test name in the selected test plan tree branch.

This results in a perfect dialog if your screen resolution is 800x600, and
an acceptable dialog size and position if your resolution is larger.
I don=B4t recommend using this patched file if your screen resolution is be=
And of course, I don=B4t give any guarantees for anything. If you fear ther=
is a virus or a spyware app in the dll, feel free to do a binary compare
between the original and the patched file, you=B4ll see only a handfull of
data bytes are patches to accomodate the new sizes.

This nonofficial patch is for WinRunner 6.02 only.


Chris, The Blast I
Chris Franzen"

The file is attached here as well.
Maybe it=B4s usefull for you, too.


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