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    Re: Error Using

    Have you tried using
    edit_set("Potential Units", "12");
    This does a replace.


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    Re: Error Using

    User Alison Blanding (ablanding@teltronics.com) posted:

    What about using this:
    edit_set("Potential Units", "12");
    obj_type("Potenital Units", <kReturn>);

    Might that accomplish what you are trying for? HTH.

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    Error Using

    User (jramos@harcourt.com) posted:

    I'm trying to replace numerical text in an object (which is
    automatically populated by the application) with another number. It
    seems that the cursor sets before the number in the object and starts
    to type the new number right in front of the current number. This
    causes a major error.

    Here's how the script is written:

    edit_set_insert_pos("Potential Units", 0,0);
    edit_type("Potential Units", "12");
    obj_type("Potenital Units", <kReturn>)

    I would prefer to capture the number in the object, replace it, and
    then key a return. I replaced edit_set_insert_pos with
    edit_set_selection. It captures the number and does the replace, but
    the system still freezes up and reboots.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Many thanks and have a great weekend.



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