Hi All,
I need to write into different excel files using Winrunner, i am using ddt_set_by_row function to write into excel files using a for loop.
But only in first iteration the file is written correctly, but from second iteration onwards nothing is getting written other than the names of columns which will be there in ddt_set_by_row.
For ex: ddt_set_by_row(tablename,filecounter,"Steps",count er);
where tablename is the variable holding the path of the files,
filecounter is the row number of the excel file
"Steps" is the name of the column
and counter is the variable i want to enter into the file.

For first iteration the file is getting creating as data1.xls and all the data is getting written correctly.
For second iteration the file is getting creating as data2.xls and no data is written into the file.

Please help me with your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.